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Order 1 - 2 units:
Cost, each @ $225.95 Plus (S&H)

(Ramp included)


* This is like buying a New Chevrolet from the factory, you get a great product at a very low direct buy price!

Our best Value, Made in the USA!

Each Carrier:  $225.95 Plus (S&H)


Select Option: With Anti-Wobble Pin, if you want it.

To Order Versa-Haul Carriers at our Special Pricing:  
Club or Dealer:
Order: 3 carrier package:
Cost, each @ $221.50
Plus Free Shipping!

(Ramp included)

Each Carrier:  $221.50

Optional remote taillight kit:
Free Shipping!        $59.95

Remote taillight kit:    $59.95
Free Shipping!

400 lbs. Capacity

* For 2" X 2"
Square Receivers

$269.95 plus (S&H)


600 lbs. Capacity

* For 2" X 2"
Square Receivers

$279.95 plus (S&H)


* For 2" X 2"
Square Receivers

$379.95 plus (S&H)


Great Choice for Sportbikes with up to 200 MM rear tires, or standards up to 600 lbs, Capacity.

*Use with 2" X 2" Receivers, Class 3 +

Some manufacturers will not ship out of the lower United States, others will, Please call or email us with the item you are interested in and your shipping address, and we will find out if you item can be shipped out of the USA and what the extra charges will be. Sometimes there will be charges in addition to shipping. Example: tariff, customs fees, local tax, etc.


Motorcycle Carrier

NOTE: This Carrier's Capacity will be limited by the "Class" of your Receiver...

* 2" X 2" Square Receiver required......
Class (3) = 500 lbs. Capacity - Regular / Standard type
Class (4) = 750 lbs. Capacity - Thicker steel Construction, Heavy Duty
Class (5) = 1000 lbs. Capacity - Much Thicker steel, very heavy duty....

* Does not come with Ball and insert.......

Please Note:
Though the carrier total capacity is 1000 lbs, the carrier where the motorcycle sits itself only supports up to 400 lbs. You cannot put one 450-lbs.+ bike on the carrier because that exceeds the carrier capacity of 400 lbs. As an example: the carrier can haul one 400-lb bikes, and 400-lb cargo on the baskets but Do Not load one 600-lbs. bike and 200-lb cargo. If you have any questions, please call.

Motorcycle carriers

Motorcycle Carriers


* For 2" X 2"
Square Receivers

$379.95 plus (S&H)


This hitch mounted motorcycle carrier is the solution to transport your scooter or dirt bike. It doubles as a cargo carrier for your gas cans, gear or luggage. The motorcycle carrier has a 1000 lb weight capacity. The 58" long x 5 1/2" wide loading ramp stores under the carrier to save space.

• Fits class III, IV or V 2" hitch receivers
• Durable black powder coat finish
• Heavy Duty construction high quality carrier
• 71" long carrier track
• Main tube length 31 1/2"
• Raised Adjustable Wheel stop keeps scooter from rolling forward
• 4 tie down bars
• 58" long loading ramp included stores under carrier
• Ramp locks into place for secure transport
• Ramp has hooks that lock it into place for safe loading
• Includes 66-1/4" x 15-1/4" x 2-1/2" cargo basket for gas cans and gear
• Ball Mount Hitch Bar & Hitch Ball shown in the pictures ARE NOT included with this item
• Please check the weight of the motorcycle and measure the wheelbase before purchasing.
• Hitch Weigh Limit: Most Class III hitches are rated for 500 lbs. Most Class IV hitches are rated for 750 lbs.
Vehicle Hauling Capacity:
Your hauling weight may be limited by your vehicle's capacity to carry a load.
• Some vehicles may require air shocks or heavier springs to stiffen up the suspension to prevent sagging.
• Please check with your dealer to find out your vehicle's carrying capacity.



*Details, Click Here!

Dual Outboard Receiver Kit

* For 2" X 2"
Square Receivers

$178.22 plus (S&H)

textRemember, not all Motorcycles / Sportbikes have the same rear tire sizes, this carrier's rail is 6 inches wide, make sure your tire size will fit.
text We sell other carriers on this site, with wider widths for larger sportbike tires.
textThis carrier, and Class III receivers are rated at 500 lb. But you have to subtract the carrier weight to get the actual capacity of the receiver. "500 lbs (-) carrier weight = capacity )    (Check your bikes weight)
textYour vehicle towing capacity may reduce this more. Example: tongue weight capacity is 10% of Towing capacity
textExample: Towing capacity of 3,500 lbs means 350 lbs. at receiver less the carrier weight.
Thank You for your Purchase!         Please Allow 4 - 14 Days for Delivery....
 *Shipping to the lower 48 states, only.....
* Safety note:
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