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Add-A-Bike: Q and A
Questions & Answers about the "Add-A Bike" Dirt Bike Carrier
What is the Price?
  Retail Price is $364.95 Plus $46 Shipping & Handling. (New price is $298.95 for a limited time)
(Our Special this month: $298.95 & Free Shipping to Lower 48 States!)  (a savings of over $100 dollars, and this carrier is all # 6061 Aircraft Aluminum)
How large a motorcycle will the carrier hold?
      The weight capacity of the Add-A-Bike Dirt Bike Carrier is 400 lbs. (125 cc. to 525 cc. Dirt Bikes)
What is the size of the carrier?
        Carrier size: 72" long X 6" Wide x 2" tall & Weighs 30 lbs.
Is the carrier painted, and what color?
        The carriers come in bare 6061 Aluminum and powdercoating in no longer available.
Does the carrier include a ramp?
     A Ramp is included ( 4 Ft. Long )
How is the motorcycle secured to the carrier?
     The motorcycle is secured with an arm that goes over the seat. (Tie-down straps not used)
Safety note:
For long distances, some customers also tie down the front and rear wheels to the Motorcycle Carrier with a tie down strap or rubber, trucker type, bungie cord with hooks on each end.
What kind of Receiver do I need for the Add-A-Bike Carrier?
       Carrier uses a Class III Receiver or stronger.
Does the carrier need license plates registration or Title?
    No Registration or License needed!
What kind of maintenance does the Add-A-Bike Carrier need?
     No maintenance necessary.
What is the Add-A-Bike Carrier made out of?
     All 6601 Aircraft Aluminum Construction   (One of the lightest carriers available)
Is there a warranty?
       The Add-A-Bike Carrier has a 1 Year Warranty, for defects only.
Return Policy:
        We have a 50% restocking charge on all returns, only carriers in original unused condition can be considered for a return, you must have a "Return goods authorization number" to return any Item.
How is the Add-A-Bike  Carrier shipped?
        We ship FED EXPRESS or U.P.S.
How long does it take to receive the Add-A-Bike Carrier?
Units are in stock, and ship the next day, arrival in 4 - 14 days to most locations.
Can you tow a boat when you use the carrier?
Other people tell us they have used our carrier and towed a boat / Car using
the adaptor sold from Northern tool 1-800-556-7885 item # 330685-2414  Dual hitch extension / $49.00
Add-A-Bike order page

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