Electric Power, RV Motorcycle lift and carrier for Motorcycles ~ "Lowest Cost" Electric Lift for RVs & Motorhomes anywhere!


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Electric lift for Motorcycles up to * 650 lbs.
Channel dimensions: 85 " long x 8 " wide X 2" height
* Most Affordable Electric Lift for Motorcycles....


$1,699.95 *Including (S&H)


Can be used on: RV, Pickup trucks,
MotorHomes, SUV, Van & Automobiles


RV Motorcycle Lift



Safest Loading Motorcycle Lift Available
This motorcycle Lift let's you load safely at ground level. It will work with Hitch Receivers to a height of 20", which is great for SUVs and RVs.
Once you have secured the motorcycle to the carrier, push the switch and your motorcycle raises to cruising height. The carrier plugs into your Class 3 receiver or stronger and requires a 2" X 2” square receiver.




Motorhome Motorcycle Lift


Model #SLE-X650-M      $1,699.95 * (weights over 300 lbs. use (2) outboard Receivers to increase capacity to * 650 lbs.)
(S&H) *included to most zip codes in lower 48 states.

This electric lift has a Heavy-Duty Motor for Motorcycles up to 650 lbs.
Safest Loading Motorcycle Lift Available - * With attachments: Fold Down platform, 85" long rail with Front Wheel Chock, outrigger tie down points on platform, Tie-down belt kit...






Lifts up to *650 lbs capacity
*This lift will work with Hitch Receiver heights to 20"
* Capacity is 300 lbs for single receiver, (3) receivers up to 650 lbs..
Great for RVs & Motorhomes.
85" x 8" X 2" channel


Scooters & Motorcycles!

Lowered loading position
Raised traveling position



Call Marty for Application information & requirements: (708) 479-5100






The most Versatile lift on the market today!

  • It's a motorcycle lift.

  • It's a scooter lift.

  • Miscellaneous nuts and bolts, not included, may be needed in some applications.

  • Welding may be needed in some applications.

Allowing one person to load or unload at ground level, this Lift is the ultimate in convenience. ... lift load and go.



  • HD power head

  • Front wheel chock

  • Bike track with approach ramp 8" X 85"
    * Extra outboard receivers (can make it a 3 hitch system)

  • Carrying capacity 300 lbs. with single receiver

  • Lifting weight cap. 650 lbs.* for (3) receiver setup




* Tilt-up Option for: Model #SLE-X650-M
is available for: $187.95
+ (S&H) est, $20.00 to any lower 48 States






* Available Wheel Chock Option:Wheel Chock$79.99 Plus (S&H)
* Requires drilling (4) holes for mounting.


* Fits most Motorcycles & Scooters, check Wheel dimensions before ordering - 130 mm Maximum
* Motorcycles with super-wide front tires or custom low-profile front fenders may not fit this wheel chock.


Hitch extension


* Available Hitch extender option: $179.95 Plus (S&H)





  • Wiring pigtails
  • Powder Coated
  • 1 year warranty
  • Multi tie-down points


  • Uses class III, 4 or 5 Receivers
  • Front wheel Stop on rail
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • All-steel construction .

* After-market dual outrigger receiver mounts are required for scooters over 300 lbs*

* (2) Outboard receivers!

* Please remember to install the (2) outboard Receivers, required for motorcycles & scooters over 300 lbs. To help support the front and rear of the heavier scooters. (Can be welded or u-bolted on to add support under front and rear wheels)

Receiver * (2) 2" X 2" ID square X 12" long receivers are included with order....


2" Square tubeSteel Square tubing:
00000* (2) 2" X 2" OD / square tubes X 48" long are included with order....

* After fitting, mark & drill a hole for safety pin in each outboard receiver.

Do you really want to push your Scooter,
up and down a ramp?




Model #SLE-X650
* For Single 2" X 2" Square Receiver Applications
RV Scooter Lift

*Click on Picture above!

  • Requires Class 3 or above receiver, and tongue weight capacity of 500 lbs. on your tow vehicle 
    for scooters 250 lbs or less

  • Requires Class 3 or above receiver, and tongue weight capacity of 500 lbs. of tongue weight on 
    your tow vehicle for scooters 400 lbs or less.

  • Requires Class 3 or above receiver, and tongue weight capacity of 750 lbs. of tongue weight on 
    your tow vehicle for scooters 650 lbs or less.

  • * Illustrations may differ from actual Lift.




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