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Model: # 1680MAGS - RV Motorcycle or Scooter Lift (Manual Jack)

RV Motorcycle lift

Another View!

RV Scooter lift

$877.73 Manual lift with (1) 80" X 6" carrier rail and 18" of Lift. * Class 3 Receiver Required.
Model: # 1680MAGS "Single Rail" Carrier for one Scooter or motorcycle! (* 500 lbs. Capacity)

* Dual Rail Trailer available, but total weight limit is still 500 lbs. capacity.
* Intended use is to carry (2) smaller scooters.


RV Motorcycle  Lift

$965.95 Manual lift with (2) 72 " X 5 " carrier rails and 18" of Lift. * Class 3 Receiver Required.
Model: # 2572MAGDU "Dual Rail" Carrier for two Scooters or smaller motorcycles! (* 500 lbs. Capacity)

Option #1


12" Receiver Extension

$169.95 + (S&H) 12 inch Extension * Class 3 Receiver Required.
Model: # ETB46288XB

Dual Receiver / Kit


Option #2.
Dual Receiver Kit: Increase your capacity and provide a more sturdy (3) point mounting.

#DRKQ2E: $199.29 + (S&H)

$199.29 + (S&H)
Model: # DRKQ2E

Easiest lift to use, if your budget allows, with one finger operation!

RV MOtorcycle lift

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* Allows anyone, "alone" [ Shoulder problems or arthritis? ] to take a Scooter or Motorcycle along!



* See "Pull behind a Motorcycle" Trailers at www.4mytrailer.com



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